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Tait announces partnership with Engesig, Brazil

Tait Communications, a global leader in the design, delivery and management of critical communication solutions, and Engesig, a provider of custom adaptations for Public Safety automobiles and Public Security radio system infrastructure, have announced today an enhanced business relationship that will enable Engesig to offer P25 Phase 2 solutions in Brazil.

Engesig will implement Tait APCO P25-compliant radio systems and equipment as part of its specialist vehicle fit-out solutions.

The company has already supplied equipment to the Military Police of the State of Mato Grosso, in western Brazil, and to both Civil and Military Police in the State of Pará, in northern Brazil, amongst others.

"This partnership is a vital step in further strengthening the benefits we bring to our public safety customers in South America," says Victor Agnellini, President, Tait Communications Americas Region.

"Like Tait, Engesig has a long history within Brazil's Public Safety sector and continues to deliver high-quality, innovative and customer-focused solutions that meet the changing needs of the industry.

"By integrating vehicle adaptation with Tait P25 radio system solutions, customers gain the combined experience, expertise and cost benefits of two Public-Safety-focused providers working together."

Engesig Director, Mauro Marques do Rosario, says: "We are excited about the opportunity to bring P25 Phase 2 to Public Safety organizations in Brazil. With major international sporting events coming to the country there is an increased importance to ensure that Public Safety agencies have the best resources to manage these prestigious events.

"The partnership between Engesig and Tait ensures that Brazilian Public Safety agencies will have access to the best communications solutions, in vehicles developed to suit their unique requirements."

Headquartered in São Paulo, Engesig operates a 50,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Mogi das Cruzes, and is a certified adaptor of all vehicle manufacturers in Brazil. Engesig's Public Safety vehicle adaptation solutions include lights, sirens, in-vehicle video monitoring equipment, and often include significant manufacturer-certified structural changes and a range of in-vehicle technologies.

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